Top ”5” reasons why you should bank with a Community Bank vs a Big Box Bank

Many businesses think they have to use a traditional “Big Box Bank” for their banking needs. They aren’t familiar with Community Banks and the benefits they provide businesses (of all sizes). When you are evaluating your banking options, keep the following in mind:

  • Community Banks are most likely locally owned, have headquarters within the same state along with the bank’s CEO and President being just a short commute away vs Big Box Banks who may have a regional president local but typically hold their headquarters in another state.
  • Community Banks get involved within their local communities and they serve the economy well. They get to know their neighbors and are able to make more knowledgeable decisions based upon how the staff is better able to assess the risk of the request vs having the request be entered into a computer based software that only looks at the numbers and then makes a decision.
  • Community Banks are known for their personal service that they provide by getting to know not only you, but the whole family, since they have a more relationship based philosophy vs Big Box Banks continually have staff turnover or not enough staff which is not a pleasant experience for the consumer. Some of the biggest complaints from the consumer is that they have to show their ID when they have been banking somewhere for “20” years!
  • Community Banks have lower fees and most of them offer free checking vs the higher fees that are charged by Big Box Banks to help them cover their large overhead structure.
  • Community Banks offer competitively priced products and services that bring a large value to the consumer with the ease of the transparent policies and procedures. They offer a more hands on approach and are willing to come out to visit the consumer to help them if that is needed or requested, along with having local staff that answers the phone when you call vs Big Box Banks who may offer a wide variety of products and services, however, you have to call or go into the branch to ask your questions and if you choose to call, the call is routed thru many channels and departments that you may get frustrated and not continue the call.

Interested in learning more about Community Banks? Contact our own Susie Thorne of HomeStreet Bank! Susie has over 18 years of banking experience, in Snohomish County, and brings a wealth of expertise to HomeStreet Bank as a Business Specialist. HomeStreet is a local, full-service Community Bank, who is committed to delivering innovative banking solutions tailored to your individual business needs.

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